How to travel between Osaka and Nagoya in Japan

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JR Shin-Osaka Station

JR Shin-Osaka Station

This article tells you how to ways to travel between Osaka and Nagoya, two big cities in Japan.

First of all, check out the distance between Osaka and Nagoya.

The direct distance is about 85.0 miles (136.8 kilometers), and the distance by train is 118.3 miles (190.4 kilometers.)

The following is the major public transportations available between Osaka and Nagoya.

  • Shinkansen
  • Kintetsu Urbanliner
  • JR local train
  • Highway Bus

Let’s take a close look at each one of them in the following sections.



Tokaido Shinkansen with Mount Ibuki in background

Tokaido Shinkansen with Mount Ibuki in background

Adult one way fare: JPY 4,300 – 8,790
Approximate travel time: 55 minutes – 1:10 hours

The Shinkansen is the high-speed bullet train in Japan and the most expensive transportation available between Osaka and Nagoya. It’s best suited to travelers staying for a short period in Japan.

The following table shows Shinkansen ticket prices between Shin-Osaka Station and Nagoya Station.

Shin-Osaka station is a few miles away from the center of Osaka city.

The fares are as of April 2017.

Shinkansen ticket prices between Shin-Osaka and Nagoya
Seat type Adult one-way fare
Non-reserved seat JPY 5,660
Reserved seat JPY 6,560
Green-car seat JPY 8,790


Overseas tourists staying in Japan for a short term can use JAPAN RAIL PASS on the Shinkansen line between Osaka and Nagoya.

But in most cases, it is more reasonable to buy each ticket whenever you take on the Shinkansen between Osaka and Nagoya. JAPAN RAIL PASS is a little too much for a short distance trip.

Kintetsu Urbanliner

Urban Liner Next

Urban Liner Next

Adult one way fare: JPY 4,260 – 4,770
Approximate travel time: 2:10 – 3:20 hours

Kintetsu Urbanliner is the limited express train that runs between Osaka-Namba Station and Kintetsu-Nagoya Station. Kintetsu Railway operates Urbanliner trains.

Urbanliner is the second-fastest transportation between Osaka and Nagoya next to the Shinkansen and stops at more stations than Shinkansen.

Urbanliner fares between Osaka and Nagoya
Seat type Fares
Standard JPY 4,260
Deluxe JPY 4,770

Kintetsu rail passes for overseas tourists

If you are overseas tourists staying in Japan for a short-term, exclusive rail passes are available. These offer unlimited rides on the Kintetsu Railway during a designated period.

If you take a Urbanliner with one of these passes, a limited express ticket is also required.

JR local train

A rapid train running on Tokaido Main Line

A local train bound for Nagoya station running on Tokaido Main Line

Adult one way fare: JPY 3,350
Approximate travel time: 2:40 – 2:50 hours

You can travel between the two cities by JR local trains on Tokaido Main Line.

Tokaido Main Line runs mostly parallel to Shinkansen line, but they are not exactly on the same line.

Local trains have two types, “Futsu” and “Kaisoku.”  “Futsu” trains stop at every station, and “Kaisoku” trains are faster and skip some stations.

There are no local trains which directly connect Osaka and Nagoya, so it is necessary to change trains in between several times.

Local trains are much slower than the Shinkansen but affordable. They are best suited to budget travelers like backpackers.

You can check the timetable of these trains with Japan Transit Planner or HyperDia.

Highway Bus

Willer Express bus

Willer Express bus

Adult one way fare: JPY 1,000 – 11,600
Approximate travel time: 3 – 5 hours

Highway Buses are long-distance buses which run on expressways (freeways) between Osaka and Nagoya.

Here is the list of the major highway buses operated between Osaka and Nagoya. The data is as of March 2017.

Major highway buses between Osaka and Nagoya
Bus name Adult one-way fare Operating hours Seat type
Meishin Expressway Bus JPY 1,900 – 3,000 Day 4-seat row
Seishun Dream JPY 2,930 – 3,550 Night 4-seat row
Willer Express JPY 1,000 – 11,600 Day / Night 4-seat row

Highway buses are the cost-effective way of transport between Osaka and Nagoya.

These buses run during daylight and night, due to the relative distance between the two cities.

They offer discounted fares by booking one week or earlier in advance. You may want to reserve as soon as possible.


The following table is the summary of the major transportations between Osaka and Nagoya.

Transportations Adult one-way fare Approximate travel time
Highway Bus JPY 1,000 – 11,600 3 – 5 hours
JR local train JPY 3,350 2:40 – 2:50 hours
Kintetsu Urbanliner JPY 4,260 – 4,770 2:10 – 2:30 hours
Shinkansen JPY 4,300 – 8,790 0:55 – 1:10 hours
  • Trains and buses are options available, since there are no flights between Osaka and Nagoya.
  • The Shinkansen is the fastest and most comfortable among all the public transportations, although a little bit expensive. It is best suited to short-term tourists, or first-timers in Japan.
  • Kintetsu Urbanliner is more affordable than Shinkansen and comfortable as well. But it takes extra 1 hour than Shinkansen.
  • Highway buses are most reasonable, but take long hours to travel.
  • JR local trains are best suited to budget travelers like backpackers.

This article will be updated when necessary, corresponding to the changes in public transportation circumstances.